Times Square LED Boards Use Petition Data To Drive Impeach Trump Campaign

November 20, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Setting the undoubtedly polarizing politics aside, a media buy involving a couple of big digital boards in Times Square looks interesting for what it is doing with visualized data.

Maybe the content presentation is canned in some way, but it LOOKS like a private U.S. citizen’s big dollar effort to see President Trump impeached is visualizing real-time data to show the number of signed petitioners and the initials and location of where they live.

That would not be hard at all to do, at least I don’t think, using HTML5 and something like javascripting.

If so, very cool from a content perspective to see a live data campaign on digital boards that is more than showing different ads based on how slow traffic is moving.

The campaign is by Californian Tom Steyer, who made a fortune co-founding and running a hedge fund. He is now spending at least $20 mullion of it in a very public media campaign to try and drive the process to impeach Trump, calling him a “clear and present danger” to the country – and by extension, pretty much everyone on the planet.

Trump has, of course, resorted to name-calling – referring to the billionaire as “wacky” and “unhinged.”

The one in the quick video above is at 1567 Broadway. It’s a ClearChannel board.

  1. Pat says:

    Love it! Makes sure citizens voice is heard!
    Shows how voices can, and should be heard by all for proud Americans!
    Outcome shows why Nixon resigned rather than wait for impeachment, or waiting for indictment, a right decision!

  2. Pat says:

    Would also love to see a petition for “Do no harm” posted in Times Square with virtual petition signers.

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