NDS, Tripleplay Add Support For Samsung’s Tizen Smart Display Platform

November 15, 2017 by Dave Haynes

A pair of well-established digital signage software firms across the Atlantic have announced integrations with Samsung’s Tizen-driven Smart Signage platform.

The Dutch firm NDS has announced its flagship software PADS4 is the first software in the world that has been tested and approved by Samsung engineers to optimally run on Samsung’s System on Chip (SoC) solution.

“With PADS4 receiving the official approval by the Samsung App Certification Team, we can offer our partners and customers a back to back support,” says Bjørn Pieper, CCO. “Not only from us, but also from Samsung. We have always supported SSSP, but now it is official. Our development team did a great job and we appreciate the continuous support we receive from Samsung. It’s also an honor to be the first developer worldwide to receive such a certificate from Samsung.”

There are, of course, dozens of platforms running on Samsung’s smart display solution, but the suggestion here is that NDS will offer each new PADS4 versions to Samsung for testing and certification on selected displays and specific firmware versions. The benefit for PADS4 users is “guaranteed support” on specific TIZEN displays combined with the current and future PADS4 software release.

Meanwhile, UK-based Tripleplay has announced its support for the Samsung Tizen System-on-Chip platform, complete with full Lynk DRM encryption.

In 2015, Tripleplay was the first manufacturer to offer encrypted IPTV with integrated digital signage on Samsung’s SSP platform, and the company is using the set-up on projects like Daytona International Speedway, the SSE Arena Belfast and Queen Elizabeth II Stadium.

“With around 10,000 end points deployed on Samsung SSP, we have seen genuine appetite and interest in system-on-chip technology and see it as a vital development for our clients and partners,” says Tripleplay’s chief technology officer, Dr. Peter Martin. “Samsung has invested significantly in its system-on-chip platform, with Tizen providing an impressive step forward, and that investment is justified in the advances we have been able to make in performance on our latest software release.”

The software will be good to go in early Q1, says the company, which has also recently announced support for LG webOS system-on-chip and BrightSign media players.

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