Back At HQ After Week In LED Land

November 13, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Back at World HQ after a week in the heartlands of narrow pitch LED.

As noted, the report will be out in January ahead of ISE. I’ll get back on regular news, though I don’t the impression all that much happened last week.

I don’t know if it was a function of my not looking for it, or it LED taking over even on smaller format stuff, but I did not see a lot of LCD-based digital signage in Taiwan, Guangdong or Hong Kong.

One example of the shift, perhaps … this four-sided display for a Tiffany pop-up kiosk at Hong Kong’s airport would have almost certainly been done with large LCDs in the past, but this was (maybe) 4mm narrow pitch LED in the middle of a concourse teeming with people, luggage and roller carts. The thing will get the crap beat out of it and will no doubt lose lots of LEDs. I checked one edge and, yup, they were getting battered.

But I guess it was/is a cheaper way to go for JC Decaux.

A 4K or even 2K LCD, have to say, would look way better on a brand like Tiffany.

Now … to the pile that built up while away …

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