Taipei 101 Has An LED Display Cone Between Retail Floors

November 6, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The base levels of the tallest building in Taiwan – Taipei 101 – are a lot of retail and restaurants, and a lot of escalators. One of them had this multimedia set-up I can’t recalls seeing anywhere else – a fine-pitch LED display that runs up the span between the escalators.

About halfway up the LED changes over to lower-rez LED display mesh, which I’m guessing was so that there is air flow and heat could escape from the cavity below the screens.

Interesting. There was a camera at the top and this thing is supposed to be interactive in some way, but as is so often the case with those things, it wasn’t working or active.

It’s an interesting technical install but falls down really heavily on content … wedging in a stack of 16:9 video ads is pretty uninspired when there’s this big visual cone to potentially play with …

Day 1 of my LED Asian tour … going to see a couple of highly-regard companies that make diodes and LED packages. I’m guessing most people think LEF signs is all about Chinese product, but Taiwan makes a lot of what’s “under the hood” in the higher quality stuff out there.

  1. Taiwan tour says:

    it has in the past a kiosk just nearby where you could take a picture, and then, there’ll be an animation of many hot air ballons on that LED, where each ballon will show the last pictures taken. Also have you seen front display of Taipei Arena ? not of great resolution but maybe the biggest in Taiwan, built ~10 years ago using Optotech LED tubes.

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