MVIX Adds ChromeOS And Devices To Digital Signage CMS and Player Options

November 1, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The Washington, DC-area CMS and solutions company Mvix is the latest well-established software shop out there to develop a version that runs off the Google ChromeOS operating system and the variety of low-cost devices tuned to work with it.

A just-launched product, Mvix Flex, supports the full Mvix platform and is available for download through the Chrome Web Store.

The company says Flex turns a Chromebox into a full-fledged digital signage player, and it reflects an effort to shift product development from software unique to certain devices to a platform packaged to work with devices on several operating systems, delivering the same features and functionality on multiple platforms.

“Mvix Flex also allows us to expand the Mvix ecosystem to international markets,” says A. Jay, Mvix Senior Director of Business Relations. “Chrome devices are readily available in Europe and Asia Pacific – eliminating the need for shipping and customs – and getting up and running is as easy as downloading the Mvix Flex app and signing in with existing Mvix user credentials.”

Mvix Flex supports the latest software release of the company’s core XhibitSignage software, and uses an advanced HTML5 engine for:

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