Digital Signage Awards Extends Submission Deadline To Nov. 10th

October 31, 2017 by Dave Haynes

It seems like every digital signage awards program out there has a bit of a rolling deadline for submissions, and the UK-based Digital Signage Awards program is no exception.

The official deadline is today, but organizer Matthew Davies has let me know it has been extended 10 days based on requests from companies. “We do try and stick to a deadline, but there’s always give, and we have had a number of emails and phone calls today about people needing a few more days,” Davies notes in an email.

“We are sending out an email today saying thanks to those who have entered and nudging those that haven’t or who asked for longer, to say that the deadline is now November 10, midnight GMT in Europe or midnight EST in North America.”

Sixteen:Nine is the exclusive media partner for the global awards, which are entry-based and definitely not pay to play.

More details here.

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