Westfield Starts Rolling Out New Digital OOH Ad Pods In Flagship Malls

October 19, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The US wing of Westfield has started rolling out new digital OOH advertising “pods” across its flagship shopping malls – with plans to put 220 units in place across the country.

The high-bright, freestanding LCDs pods include 147 double-sided indoor units, 18 taller double-sided ones, and more than 50 double-sided ones built for outdoor. The units are all designed and manufactured in the UK and then assembled in the US by Esprit Digital, and have been deployed in a variety of formats for both indoor and outdoor use. All the screens are 75-inchers.

The pods, says Esprit in a press release, are equipped with full audience monitoring software with the ability to track consumers on their journey through each mall while offering real-time consumer data insights like demographics, dwell/attention time and mood. When consumers are in close proximity to the screens, advertisers are able to tailor and deploy their content to specifically targeted demographics, with the right message, at the right time.

The displays feature the latest Cortex thermal and remote management technology connected to the Esprit Network Operating Centres around the world, virtually eliminating physical maintenance visits. As well as full audience measurement, the pods have built-in iBeacons and ClearSpace – Esprit Digital’s proprietary sensor system that alerts management to any obstructions in front of their screens.

“Our aim was to transform out-of-home mall advertising and we certainly achieved and exceeded that goal thanks to Esprit Digital,” says Charley Delana, Executive Vice President, Westfield. “Our network provides brands with an opportunity for limitless creativity while offering live data and high levels of consumer engagement. The pods look better than we could have ever imagined and the project team successfully installed across all locations seamlessly. Esprit’s experienced operations managers were permanently on hand to advise and guide us through the process.”

“This was an important win for us and provides an excellent showcase of our capabilities to the US market,” says Peter Livesey, CEO, Esprit Digital. “These double-sided pods are highly stylized, minimal footprint, iconic structures that incorporate the very latest technology at a sensible unit cost that guarantees a fast ROI. Following our large-scale deployments for Westfield in both London and Australia, to be chosen to deliver their key advertising network in the US was a huge endorsement of the Esprit Digital model. Our end-to-end service from initial design to final installation and lifetime support obviously works for Westfield globally and other infrastructure owners are now following their lead.”


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