London Creative Shop Opens Deep Black, OLED-Filled Showroom

This the new showroom of the London creative studio Projection Artworks, which includes several LG OLED displays.

There’s nothing all that exciting about companies have showrooms, but I note this because of the smart decision to place the OLEDs on a piano black wall. OLED has its issues – like image retention, operating life and price – but but the visuals are undeniably stunning. The tech does true black (because there’s no backlight), so OLEDs on a black wall do black, not dark gray like a conventional LCD.

Projection Artworks now has an immersive room, a projection room and London’s first OLED showroom, called the Imagination Room. The OLED content is triggered by what looks like a VR controller (not sure why?). I like the Hindu Holi festival paint powder stuff in the creative.