UK Firm Touts The Fairest Of All Magic Mirrors

October 17, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Probably like most people, I tend to think a mirror is a mirror, and more particularly as a digital signage guy, I assumed a mirror display is just a display with any old mirror glass bonded to the face of the LCD.

Well, yes and no. Turns out there’s a lot to mirrors.

A UK custom display company called Videotree – which does TVs for outdoors and wet, steamy environments like bathrooms, has developed what it calls the world’s best Mirror TV Glass.

From a Linkedin post:

What makes it the best in the world? The glass is low iron, which removes the greenish tint that can be seen on glass, meaning that the mirror is completely clear and entirely silver. You will not find anything closer to a full Silver Pilkington Mirror on the market. The design is Videotree’s own glass which has been tried, tested and perfected over many years and is not available to any other company.

Up to now, it has been a compromise of mirror quality versus picture quality. Not anymore. Not only do we use high brightness displays to push through the glass, we now have a super silver glass that displays images beautifully and becomes a perfect silver mirror when the power is switched off. There is no parallax double vision as we bond directly to the glass with the panel.

While other products only use one layer of dielectric coating, our mirror glass uses eight fine layers, ensuring the highest quality reflectiveness and transmittance. 

Who knew? But then, if you are going to design a mirror LCD application into something like a hotel room or fitting room or hair salon, you are already into premium cost territory … so the mirror should be a good mirror. The LCDs, the company says on its website, are commercial-grade.

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