STRATACACHE Launches Latin-American Business Unit In Mexico City

October 14, 2017 by Dave Haynes

STRATACACHE has opened up a new business unit, based in Mexico City, that’s focused on servicing the Latin American (LATAM) and Caribbean markets.

STRATA LATAM is more than just a remote sales office – with the unit having its own GM and VP Business Development for the region.

Says a press release:

Principal segments of focus – under the direction of Federico Escobar, General Manager, and Antonio Naranjo, VP of Business Development – will be retail, financial services, entertainment and sports venues. “STRATA LATAM can immediately engage with the region’s largest brands, driving our initiatives forward in Mexico and Latin America. With a team of industry veterans supported by the global reach and technology depth of STRATACACHE, STRATA LATAM is building a team to support the specific requirements and influences of the regional market,” says Ken Boyle, STRATACACHE SVP of Strategic Operations, who will oversee STRATA LATAM’s alignment of sales, services and marketing to meet the region’s needs.

STRATA LATAM will go direct-client on the mother ship business while also “leveraging the long-standing regional partner channel” that Scala has put in place and maintained through the years.

Mexico is not that far away, nor is the Caribbean, but I’m really not too sure what companies are active in the area. The region is close enough that it could be serviced by US or even Canadian offices. There is a digital signage association in Mexico, but the website doesn’t offer much clue about its membership. I know there are several CMS software companies in South America, in Brazil and Argentina – some of them selling in the US and Canada.


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