Car Grilles Scanned In Real-Time For Targeted Digital OOH Film Promo

October 10, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The video is almost as silly and overdone as a Michael Bay movie, but if you can put up with all the extraneous stuff you will see how Lamar used vehicle recognition technology to promote the latest Transformers movie this summer.

To promote the release of Transformers: The Last Knight, ahead of its nationwide release in June, the Lamar digital boards in selected markets were paired up with vehicle recognition technology from Vehcio, to trigger  messages to motorists based on the make and model of the cars they were driving.

A motorist might see, for example, “Attention. Your Honda Civic is an Autobot.” or “Warning. Your Toyota Camry is a Decepticon.”

To pull this off (versions of this have been done by other media companies), a camera was mounted 1,000 feet ahead of the Lamar digital billboard, with the pattern detection software doing real-time scans for vehicle grilles. The analytics would provide data to show that make and model on the board at the estimated moment when the motorist is in view of the board.

Lamar did another campaign using the tech last year, for Chevrolet.

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