Does Your Idea Of Relaxing At Beach Include Watching Digital Billboards Float By?

October 8, 2017 by Dave Haynes

A Miami-based media start-up is running a boat along the Miami Beach shoreline that features back to back LED displays – effectively creating a floating billboard.

So your relaxing day at the beach can now include big ads for ride-share services and local restaurants wafting back and forth. The 46-foot wide boards go back and forth during the busiest beach hours, keeping about 100 yards off the shoreline.

The company, run by two brothers who are from the area, has not surprisingly run into opposition from locals – including city officials – who find the thing obnoxious. The city, however, has been unable so far to pass any law banning the service. The brothers argue that advertising at the beach is not new, noting there have been planes pulling ad banners back and forth for decades.

It’s a bit of a reach to compare the two mediums, but also not my fight or concern. Imagine if one billboard boat now becomes many later. Some beach-goers would be oblivious, but I suspect many others would start raising a stink.

Hat tip to James Wilder of Esprit Digital for pointing this out via Linkedin



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