NYC Penn Station Adds Intersection Digital Screens On Amtrak Concourse

October 6, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Seriously busy, seriously dumpy NY Penn Station got a little bit of a digital facelift with the addition of a dozen digital totems in the Amtrak concourse, with the screens providing passenger information, bankrolled by digital OOH ad spots.

The station handles a staggering 600,000 passengers a day, so it gets a lot of coveted eyeballs for brand advertisers.

The 65-inch totems, mounted by support columns, were put in by Intersection, the Google-backed media company that’s also behind the LinkNYC interactive digital posters being installed around NYC’s five boroughs.

“Intersection is committed to transforming the transit experience in cities around the world by bringing digital into the physical world, and we are thrilled to build on our partnership with Amtrak to improve the commuter experience for hundreds of thousands of individuals,” says Scott Goldsmith, President, Cities and Transit, Intersection. “The introduction of this new digital network creates a platform for advertisers, brands, and Amtrak to deliver more tailored, engaging, and ultimately, more useful content to customers.”

“We are thrilled with our initial step of bringing digital advertising to New York Penn Station and improving our customers’ daily experience,” says Stephen Gardner, Executive Vice President Planning Technology & Public Affairs, Amtrak. “With the addition of these digital screens, we are presenting our passengers with relevant information, as well as providing the opportunity for more brands to reach thousands of commuters on a daily basis.”

Intersection has worked with Amtrak on the Northeast Corridor since 2007, presumably starting when the part of the aggregated company was the OOH media company Titan.


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