FanConnect Puts Signage In Clubhouse And Stadium Suites

October 3, 2017 by Dave Haynes

As expected, the Mets are not the only pro sports team using digital signage behind the scenes at venues – with word from Charlotte, NC-based 10 Foot Wave sending me a note about work it does for MLB’s San Diego Padres.

FanConnect, the sports and entertainment side of the business, powers clubhouse signage at the Padres, and also works with the Seattle Mariners and Boston Red Sox on signage solutions inside stadium suites. One of the cool things at Fenway takes real-time analytics from the plate – pitch speed and hit metrics – to screens.

The company has also developed an interesting application at the Mariners’ park that lets the in-suite monitors be controlled by an Amazon Alexa. Seattle, of course, is HQ for Amazon.

I wouldn’t want to build a software business around just doing clubhouse screens, but as part of a rounded offer that gets a solution into the concourses and suites, being able to show who’s in the starting lineup and who’s the umpire makes sense.


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