Outdoor LCD Takes A Licking And Keeps On Ticking

September 29, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Stumbled across this video, posted by Atlanta-based LG-MRI, very directly showing how their outdoor street furniture displays are VERY vandal-resistant. I don’t think a company can ever say vandal-proofed because one should never-underestimate the determination of malicious people to take something out … if for nothing more than giggles.

This is one of LG-MRI’s guys out in the production area of the facility taking numerous hard whacks at a big outdoor LCD totem with what looks like a solid piece of 3 by 3 lumber.

Tells the ruggedization story better than a sheet full of specs.

  1. I really want one of these in my offices. There cannot be a better way to release DS related stress.

    (while hitting the screen)
    You want more reps? take that! bam
    You want me to audit you? take that bam bam
    You want to change the schedule again? bam bam bam…

    I feel better just thinking about it…

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