Las Vegas Start-Ups Partner On Blended Content, Ad Booking Offer

September 28, 2017 by Dave Haynes

A pair of Las Vegas start-ups have synced up on a blended offer that sees a creative content shop making ad space available, via the partners online ad booking platform.

The idea is that Socialure does creative production and event technology for a lot of clients around Las Vegas, and while much of it is for in-house use (like the big ambient visuals in nightclubs), they can also do ad and promo spots for things like LED signs, digital taxi toppers and shuttle bus screens. The company has added a section on its website that builds in a version of Adomni’s online DOOH ad booking engine, so clients can find and book local media via Socialure.

“We make creative content and work with a lot of companies who want an affordable medium to display their brand,” says Socialure Creative Director Emile Van De Coevering. “When meeting with Adomni, they offered to customize and develop exciting new features with us to make digital ad space instantly purchasable.”

Adomni is mostly in Las Vegas, but has started to expand its footprint, with avails that now include the ballpark where baseball’s Florida Marlins play.


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