Sephora, Uniqlo Add Digitally-Rich Flagship Stores In Barcelona

September 26, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Information is limited from official channels, but I have seen word here and there about a pair of digitally-rich flagship retail stores opening in Barcelona – for Sephora and Uniqlo.

The Sephora concept store appears to have a long corridor leading to the cosmetics shop flanked by a series of tall, fine-pitch LED panels, and then stacked LCDs around the sales floor. Among the many bells and whistles, and experiential elements, is a giant kiddie slide so adults can zoom down to the “Trend Zone” instead of walking down the steps or riding the escalator.

Elsewhere in the Catalan city, Japanese fast fashion retailer Uniqlo has opened its first Spanish store, which like many Uniqlos makes heavy use of digital displays. In this case, what’s particularly striking are stairways in the store lined with fine-pitch LED, showing scenes from other world cities.

Iglesias, who has long produced a Spanish-language blog on digital signage, went to the store and filed a length post with images. Google Translate does a decent job if, like me, your Spanish skills are limited to ordering beer, and please and thank you.

Photo: Roi Iglesias


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