Digital OOH Network Outcome Health Plans To Add 2,000 Jobs By 2022

September 26, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Chicago-based Outcome Health – long known as Context Media – did a press thing in that city this morning, announcing plans to grow from 600 staffers to 2,600 in the next five years, and make room for that growth in a North State Street office tower with its own name on the front.

“Outcome Health is doubling down on Chicago, and our new global headquarters gives us room to add 2,000 employees by 2022,” says CEO and Founder Rishi Shah. “We are creating a co-working and entrepreneurship campus in our new building, Outcome Tower, to nurture innovation, investment and growth in Chicago-based, early-stage companies that are solving important problems.”

Anyone announcing 2,000 tech jobs in a city will tend to attract politicians like wasps to a pitcher of lemonade, and the press event included Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “Companies like Outcome Health are a critical part of Chicago’s future – driving job creation, innovation and economic growth across the city,” says Emanuel. “And in turn Chicago is providing companies with the talent, transportation and technology they need to grow and thrive for years to come.”

Lots of companies make big announcements about jobs and growth, but Outcome has a track record of rapid and the financial backing to continue, having raised some $500 million in capital.

“With Chicago as our base, we impact 500 million patient visits annually across the country,” adds Outcome Health President and Co-Founder Shradha Agarwal.  “This global headquarters will allow us to further scale a world-class sales and customer service center to bring our technology solutions to every consultation room, operate an industry-leading network operations center that allows us to personalize the experience of each practice to its patient needs, and accelerate our product and technology roadmap to introduce new forms of health intelligence into the important decisions that are made at the moment of care.”

The company is committing to 392,000 square feet of new space at 515 N State Street. It now has more than 600 staff and the company delivers content to 140,000 interactive tablets and screens in waiting and examination rooms at physician practices across the U.S. The company has focused on condition-specific clinics and content, and primarily makes its money from big pharmas who do all those “ask your doctor about” ads you seen on broadcast TV.

The company has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, and is a massive success story is a sea of similar Digital OOH startups, across numerous verticals, that just poked along or, in many, many cases, failed and went dark.

Rishi and Shradha are podcast targets, but not exactly available these heady days. One day we’ll have a chat (I knew them when they’d politely ask if if they could last-minute access to the annual Vegas mixer). PR request has been in for a while. Sigh.

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