New Seneca Digital Signage Player Includes HDCP Compliant Video Support

September 25, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Syracuse, NY-based Seneca has started marketing a digital signage player that has a built-in TV tuner and is HDCP compliant – meaning that network operators are on the right side of copyright laws if they build live TV into their programming.

HDCP is short for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, and it’s what a lot of more serious, well-established network operators want to see if they are indeed going to use live TV. There is no end of low-cost overseas boxes that can do live TV, but many or most have not gone through the certification process to be HDCP compliant.

What that means is a law firm representing a broadcaster could be in touch. I’m not sure how often that’s actually happened, but most smart network operators would prefer to insulate themselves against such risks. Layers are expensive and the disputes are time-vampires.

Here’s a good post from last year that goes into the how and why …

The Seneca XK-1.3 Media Player is teeny at just 1.3 inches tall. It can do dual 4K displays.

Says a marketing mailer:

This ultra-thin form factor packs the performance of a full desktop but can be easily mounted to a display, under a counter or even on a wall. This chassis is equipped with custom heat sinks thermally optimized for the 7th generation Intel® Core™ processor family to allow for optimal run time. Incorporate native video feeds into your digital signage campaigns, giving you dynamic control over what to show your audience with the addition of an optional High-Definition HDMI capture input. Specifically engineered—with a direct HDMI port—for plug and play integration, the XK-1.3 is ideal for quick serve restaurants (QSR), kiosks, digital signage and retail applications.

 MSRP on the base units (add more CPU, storage, etc and add more $$) is roughly $800 USD.

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