LED Tunnel Creates Immersive Experience For MLB All-Star Fans

September 22, 2017 by Dave Haynes

This is a nice temporary set-up using LED displays to create a tunnel effect for a FanFest indoor theme park during the annual Major League Baseball All-Star Game festivities, held this year in Miami.

“Major League Baseball made it known three years ago that they were going to implement a tiered series of capital improvements to the annual FanFest experience at the MLB All-Star Game,” says Tom Bollard, Technical Director of MSI Productions, the Lexington, KY technical team behind the feature. “They wanted to bring more technology into the show to make it more dynamic for our younger audiences. Last year, we implemented the LED tunnel walls during phase one of the capital project, and this year we implemented phase two with the integration of the LED tunnel ceiling, both of which used the FLEXLite Plus 3.9mm LED video.”

FLEXLite Plus is a high-rez LED display product, marketed by Nashville-based PixelFLEX, that’s capable of being curved as much as 15-degrees, in any direction.

The tunnel greeted fans as they walked into the Miami Beach Convention Center. “The design structure was called the arrival module and it was positioned were guests enter the show floor to really create a dynamic first impression,” adds Bollard. “Last year, the curved wall screens we did with PixelFLEX were a huge success, so as we added in the ceiling as well, we knew it would truly make the design unique. The curved screens stood about 19-feet tall and were approximately 35-feet wide. The ceiling structure ended up being approximately 30-feet wide and 36-feet deep with a nice, gentle curve to it as well, and it hung directly over the walls to complete the tunnel experience.”

The show was designed by Toronto events company BaAM Productions.


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