Digital Screens Replace Paper Tags At Cafe Food Stations

September 22, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Haven’t seen this before … displays fixed above the food guards that you’ll find in cafeterias and buffets all over the place.

New partnership between Denver-based school menu-maker Nutrislice and BSI, who since originally posting ome readers have helped me find and link to here (thanks!).

We’ve all had the experience of wandering around with an empty plate, looking at food stations and trying to sort out what we’re seeing. Screens definitely beat the little tent cards many places use to identify dishes, but screens also cost many, many multiples more.

Let’s assume managers in the food services industry will have a waaaay better idea than me if this is attractive tech. Let’s also assume/hope this was developed as a solution to a stated problem, not a solution looking for a problem.

Spotted on Linkedin …



  1. Kirk Snyder says:

    Thank you for your insight on BSI’s new digital menu system and partnership with Nutrislice. Correction: BSI, LLC not BSI Industries. We can be found at

    BSI, LLC is the leading manufacturer of quality food merchandising and service equipment. We are a custom fabrication ‘one-stop shop’ manufacturing counters, sneeze guards, lights and warmers, refrigerated merchandisers, heated displays and can meet all of your needs.

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