Texas A&M Pimped Out Its Football Locker Room With Digital Signage, Too … In 2014

September 12, 2017 by Dave Haynes

So when I saw video of the University of Texas Longhorns’ football locker room, with LCD screens over every locker, it occurred to me that this was going to be something that would get emulated by other schools.

Turns out that U of T borrowed on something another big football program, Texas A&M’s Aggies, did three years ago. The Longhorns and Aggies were huge football rivals for decades, until the Aggies shifted conferences a few years ago.

And maybe the Aggies weren’t the first to do this … Let me know if you have seen other programs making this kind of investment for recruitment and player perks. I never really thought of college sports as fertile ground for digital signage solutions, but it clearly is …

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