Pat Hellberg, A Bottle of Cotes Du Rhone, And A Blender

September 8, 2017 by Dave Haynes

People who’ve been around the digital signage industry for a few years will know Pat Hellberg from his days starting and running Nike’s retail signage network, and then from his time as a partner, with me, in the Preset Group consultancy.

We wound Preset down at the end of 2016 because Pat was in a position to go off and drink. Wine. He’s a major-major wine hound and told me last fall he was thinking of starting a wine blog, focusing on writing about good, reasonably priced wine people could find in stores around his home base of Portland, Oregon. It built off his frustration of seeing wine picks in national wine sites that weren’t actually available around his city

Pat The Wine Guy fired up earlier this year, and it’s really well done. We keep in touch and Pat told me the other day he was going on a local TV talk and lifestyle show to talk about wine. When he pitched the idea of talking about wine hacks, they were all over it.

If you know Pat, you’ll enjoy seeing him and learning that you can 1 – revive day-old wine by putting it in the mike for 8-10 seconds (tried it … works!) and 2 – you can hyper-aerate a so-so bottle of red by running it in a blender for 30 seconds. No, really. But make sure the lid is on.

The video is here. Not sold on the host, but Pat kills it.



  1. JP Pfenning says:

    Thanks for sharing Dave. Being a Portlander who likes wine, I get to benefit directly from Pat’s local wine recommendations. Looks like I’m going wine shopping this weekend!

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