Who Says Digital Signage Can’t Be Gorgeous?

September 1, 2017 by guest author, Alan High

Guest Post: Jeff Doud, MaxMedia

Jeff Doud

The bar is set so low. Everywhere you go, we are assaulted by clutter or what I would call “environmental hubbub.”

Public spaces, retailers, malls, and lobbies often assume that their messaging or offers are the single most important component of their content strategy. I argue that this is the last thing that consumers, visitors, or guests want. They are there to complete a mission or enjoy the welcoming environment. They don’t want to be sold something.

Our focus group testing proves this out. They are on board with relevant lifestyle with usable chunks of information.

Being transparent about this is key. Your consumers are smarter than you think, and can smell a sales pitch a mile away.

In the example above, the signage installation signals what the financial markets are doing – with facts and figures coming from the RSS feed, but also in the color and mood created by the abstract painting come to life. The soothing feeling brought on by watching the painting in progress, brush stroke by brush stroke, is enhanced by the color of the painting itself – green when the market is hot, and red when it is taking a dive.

This is an effect that can be seen from the street, and at a glance drivers get an idea what the markets are doing. Informative, yet soothing and peaceful – nothing to get your anxiety level up over your investments. It’s relevant, serves a purpose, and offers information in a gentle, conceptual fashion. This beats a scrolling ticker any day.

Let’s take the customer experience offer first, and play the ROI for a long-term win with your clients. Your customers will love you more for it.

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