New InterContinental Uses E-Paper Counter Displays To Greet Guests

August 31, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Putting tablets as small digital signs on hotel reception counters is not new, but the Slovenian tech firm Visionect has added some nice twists to the offer.

This is the new five-star InterContinental Hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. The operators are using Visionect’s Place & Play wireless e-paper display, which shows arriving guests information on the loyalty programs, as well as hotel features and area weather.

The main pitch here is that the displays will run on their onboard battery for as long as a year before needing to be charged. They’re also e-paper, so they like daylight’s glare, as opposed to LCD screens that have to battle direct sunlight to be viewable.

What I like here, and have long liked about Visionect’s product design and creative eye, is the minimalist look and feel. In the wrong hands, black and white-only would be a serious deficiency. But these guys somehow make it seem like a benefit.

Also, pro tip for marketers in this industry: taking the time and spending some money on good photography is worth it. The Visionect people “get it” in terms of pushing out polished, easily digested product marketing pieces with good visuals and crisp layouts that reflect the design sensibilities of the company and brand.

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