Projects: Auckland Airport’s Duty-Free Adds Digital End-Caps

August 25, 2017 by Dave Haynes

This is the duty free at Auckland, NZ’s international airport – one of a pair of The Loop shops at the terminal equipped with some 70 screens.

The system was put in by NZ-based solutions provider Hydro Media, which first did 40 digital screens into The Loop’s refurbished arrivals store last year. “This led,” says a mini case study, “to the continuation of including more digital screens throughout the new departures store.   Now with a total of over 70 screens between the two stores, not only is the customer’s experience enhanced, but promotions are displayed effectively to showcase the variety of duty free products – enough to entice even the most indecisive customer.”

All of the screens are LG WebOS displays, from 43 to 55 inches, all running 24/7. The platform is set up so content can be managed at head office, or locally updated.

Not sold on the screen hanging from the ceiling (it looks stuck in where there was room), but I like the digital poster end-caps.

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