TransitScreen Adds Bolt-On Nearby Service To Connect People To Closest Lattes

August 22, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Washington, DC-based TransitScreen has built up a business tapping into and visualizing real-time mass transport and ride share data to pass along organized, easily digested information to people in buildings and public spaces.

They’ve now added a new bolt-on feature that makes sense – information and directions to nearby services.

Here’s the pitch:

Your building depends on its transportation connections to get people to and from it — that’s why we created TransitScreen to show all those options, live and in real time.

But it also depends on local retail, whether that’s a coffee shop in the building or a lunch place down the street. If you have retail tenants, you know they generate business and provide a valuable amenity. Even if you don’t have them in your building, you know proximity to these amenities is vital for potential residents, tenants, and guests.

TransitScreen Nearby helps you highlight retail amenities. It also helps you:

Nearby can also include traditional directory information, if you’d like to showcase all your tenants and their locations. It also supports retail locations outside your building, if you want to make sure people know how close the popular new coffee shop around the corner is.

The company has also added a browser-based tool that lets building operators create and manage building directories in lobbies.

I assume the nearby data is coming off something like Google’s Maps API, as I am certainly accustomed to using Google Maps, setting my location, and then looking for vital information like places with craft beer.

The argument could be made that big screens in buildings showing this sort of thing aren’t terribly necessary when everyone has a smartphone. But the counter-argument, which I’d support, is if this sort of information is right in front of me, and I don’t have to poke away at my phone for 20-30 seconds, I’m happy.

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