Do Some Smart Cities Operators Need To Get Smarter Operators?

August 15, 2017 by Dave Haynes

As Amscreen’s Simon Sugar points out in the tweet below, it’s not like the people behind the smart cities digital OOH interactive screens in the UK didn’t get clues from a sister installation in New York.

The InLinkUK interactive stations that are replacing some phone booths around London can easily, it seems, be hijacked to dial up and blast phone sex calls for all passersby to hear. The tabloid Daily Star tried that out this past weekend.

You may recall that in New York, the interactive stations that are/were part of the big digital posters going up around New York had to be disabled after they were being monopolized by people with nothing much better to do, some of them hitting porn sites and, umm, satisfying their urges on the spot.

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