Projects: LED Clouds Hang Over Giant Brand’s NYC Lobby

August 9, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Sansi North America Displays aka SNA Displays sent over images of new LED displays now up and running in the NYC offices of what is coyly referred to as the world’s largest athletic apparel brand.

The signature part of the project is 13 LED “clouds” – LED displays suspended lobby ceiling that sync up and sequence visuals. SNA says the 4mm pitch S|Video interior displays range in size from 22 square feet to nearly 150 square feet, with a total of 620 square feet of digital displays.

“While we have become leaders in the large-format spectacular display market, it’s exciting to provide interior displays in a corporate setting like this, because the tolerances are reduced dramatically,” says John Pisciotta, SNA Displays project manager. “Each frame and panel needed to be installed and commissioned with a sharp eye for detail. We had to be perfect.”

The building is at 855 Avenue of the Americas.

Partners involved in the project were Ryan Biggs Clark Davis, the structural engineering firm that provided design services for hanging the displays; AMA Sign & Electric Company, which installed the displays; Show + Tell, which provided control equipment expertise; and Coherent Design, the consultant hired by the client to spearhead and manage the project.

No indication of what firm did/does the content.

The biggest clients out there are often the least open to having their name and brand tied to marketing by suppliers and contractors, which is why SNA can’t actually use the four-letter word here. If you’re struggling or haven’t yet had your morning coffee – rhymes with Mike.

Great to see fine pitch LED used in unconventional ways. Entire lobby walls filled with LED are amazing, but I like how this will kind of envelop a visitor.

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