RDM Hires DSF Vice Chair Graham Out Of Longtime College Job

August 2, 2017 by Dave Haynes

As mentioned in the past, posts on new hires don’t tend to generate a lot of page views, which means readers don’t generally care about new sales people. But this one is noteworthy …

Tampa Bay-area CMS software firm Real Digital Media has hired on Spencer Graham as Business Development Manager for Higher Education. Graham comes out of the public sector, having managed the digital signage network at West Virginia University (WVU) for more than a decade.

Graham would know RDM’s CEO Ken Goldberg through the Digital Signage Federation. Goldberg is a past chair and Graham is next in line to the iron throne, serving as vice chair at the moment and DSF chairman in 2018.

Says a press release:

Graham’s primary roles will be to identify and grow new business opportunities, as well as to act as a resource to the firm’s clients within the vertical. “I’m looking forward to taking on the challenge of expanding Real Digital Media’s presence in the higher education segment,” says Graham. “My experiences sourcing, operating and managing the growth of a digital signage network at WVU will allow me to share lessons learned with other institutions, help them navigate their choices more confidently and make informed decisions regarding their campus communication strategy.”

Adds Goldberg: “Spence’s addition to our team is part of a larger effort to continue to offer value-driven digital signage solutions to our customers. Successful digital signage implementations require more than software and media players. They require organizational consensus and vertical expertise. Spence is a thought leader in the higher education space, and current and future customers will benefit greatly from his insights.” 

RDM hasn’t really been known as a company going after that vertical. I’m sure there are others, but when I think of higher ed, I think of Four Winds, Visix, Rise Display and a few others. Having someone in biz dev who understands how universities work, think and talk will no doubt be helpful in getting meetings and pushing opportunities.

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