New Turnkey Digital Signage Solution Builds Off Open Source Xibo Software

August 2, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Free open source digital signage software options get a lot of reader interest here, but I’ve not seen many commercial companies take open source options and roll them into their commercial offer (unless you lump in Android).

However, here’s a Las Vegas-based, casino-centric solutions company that’s developed a CMS offer built on the long-running Xibo source code, which came out of a UK university project years ago.

Digital Signage Resolutions has launched Designate, a turnkey solution built on Xibo and running on Shuttle PCs and Android players. There are three service options: Designate Full Service, Designate Self Service and Designate On Demand, running  Windows and Android platforms.

The company was started three years ago, with founder Laura Gray having done signage work with Caesars.

Full press release here …


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