Toys R Us Tests Interactive Screens, Digital Endcaps In Vancouver Concept Store

July 26, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Toronto-based Cineplex Digital Media is working Toys “R” Us on a new digital store concept that blends digital endcaps, interactive look-up screens and point of sale kiosks.

The concept is being tested at a store in the greater Vancouver area.

“Our Langley store is the evolution of our digital future,” says Clint Gaudry, Vice President, Marketing & Store Planning at Toys “R” Us. “The new integrated network elevates the shopping experience and makes it easier for customers to locate the products they are looking for, gain in depth information and make their purchases directly from a number of kiosks located throughout the store.”

Toys “R” Us, says a press release, will deploy an ‘endless aisle’ solution where customers can use the kiosks to browse not only in-stock items, but the brand’s entire offering. Powered by Cineplex Digital Media technology, the kiosks will feature videos and provide comprehensive product information to shoppers before making their purchase. Then by selecting “Get it now!” customers can complete their transaction right at the kiosk and pick up their purchase at the front of the store or have it shipped directly to their home.

The installation includes a large feature wall with 2×2- 55″ LCD screens, six 18.5″ digital end caps and four POS integrated kiosks. Cineplex Digital Media will develop all the  content for the kiosks, and provide content management for the digital end caps and feature wall signage.

Cineplex Digital Media has done most of its work in QSR and banking, as well as with digital out of home networks, so this is a bit different seeing them push into more conventional retail (though they bought into a network installed years ago – and still running – in Canadian Walmarts).

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