LG Starts Marketing 88-Inch Stretch Digital Signage Display

July 25, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The super-wide 88-inch stretch LCD that LG started showing back in February at ISE in Amsterdam appears to be just about ready for the market – with the Korean electronics giant sending around an email blast.

My inbox had this in it this morning: As the new 88″ Ultra Stretch Signage display is bound to debut, we’re giving you an exclusive first-peek into our newest display.

It’s what I saw at ISE – a much beefier version of the very nice wide and skinny 84-inch units LG already has on the market. These 88-inchers are 700 nits, rated to run 24/7 and have the smarts to support running four different signals or visuals side by side. They call that 4 Divided Picture By Picture.

No indication of release date or price, but presumably soon (if they’re email marketing) and presumably $$$.

These things are nice in a few ways. For use cases like multi-screen menu boards, using this would mean one mount and no seams (accepting the risk that if one player is out, the whole menu system is out). They’re also good for things like big directional signs on bulkheads, or as architectural elements that could fit nice in portrait mode on tall columns.

I won’t have the math right, but this would be roughly like a pair of conjoined 42-inch panels with no seam, or an 84-inch monster sliced in half horizontally.

This is what it looked like at ISE …

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