Aug. 8th Webinar Looks At Protecting Digital Signage Against Hackers

July 20, 2017 by Dave Haynes

An awful lot of the webinars that get organized by vendors or trade associations tend to re-visit familiar territory, but a session coming up in early August is, I think, the first to get into the touchy subject of preventing digital signage displays from being hacked.

LED display manufacturer NanoLumens is running an August 8th webinar from 2-3 PM EDT on Public Display of Infection: The Top 10 Steps For Protecting Against Hackers.”
“For public display owners, there looms a growing concern: Can your connected public display be secure? Can someone hack into the display to create mischievous or potentially dangerous results?” says NanoLumens chief technology officer Gary Feather. “The simple answer is yes. The danger is real, so we all must be extremely aware of how to protect our display systems and assets from these attacks. We are hosting this webinar to provide all those in the digital signage industry with our expertise in this area, and help everyone understand the importance of protecting themselves from the very real threat that hacking presents.”
From a better understanding of free Wi-Fi to the multiple scanning points that must be identified, says the company, this webinar will show attendees that a little prevention today can help to avoid complete disruption in the future. During this informational webinar hosted by Feather, attendees will take away a tactical top-10 list of tasks to initiate for the safety and security of their public display network.
A lot of the digital signage fails seen out there relate more to Windows exploits, using unlicensed operating systems, or stupid things like not shutting off notifications. But there also some much bigger issues like direct hacks, where the content is changed and what gets up on screens is definitely not what the screen owner had in mind.

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