STRATACACHE Launches Turnkey Service Available To Clients Not On Its Digital Signage Platforms

July 19, 2017 by Dave Haynes

STRATACACHE has launched a turnkey field support service that, intriguingly, will work on jobs regardless of whether the network is running on a STRATACACHE product.

The Smart Service Team, says a press release, is multi-functional. Services include ensuring network performance with routine compliance checks, supporting digital deployments from initial site surveys to post-install audits, configuring and replacing key network components – and troubleshooting and performing repairs as necessary. Customers can expect up to a 50% reduction in field service costs, a measureable increase in the number of recovered service parts, and same or next-business-day service.

“The Smart Service Team is designed for customers who don’t have the infrastructure or expertise in place to support their existing digital signage networks. We work with them to build custom programs that meet their specific needs,” says Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE. “We’re confident that once new customers experience our Smart Service Team offering, they’ll get excited about the entire suite of STRATACACHE digital signage solutions.”

The value to customers extends beyond technical support. The Smart Service Team also provides advertiser and research support. It validates proof-of-performance for advertisers participating on customer retail networks and assists with network efficacy studies.

This is both clever and the sort of cheeky, cagey thing Riegel would do. By making the service available to networks that are not running on STRATACACHE’S Activia or the acquired  Scala or Real Digital Media CMS platforms, he can keep his service teams busy and generate more revenue. More to the point, he can get a foot in the door in a target account, see what’s working and more importantly not working with a rival vendor, and get into the account’s system as a vendor of record (which can be a big deal in the larger companies Riegel is after).

It would be Fox In Henhouse time for his competitors.

Some rival companies offer turnkey services, but they tend to be limited and only focused on existing client accounts. Big integrators liked Diversified do turnkey work, though I don’t know that they get into things like advertiser and research support (which would emanate, I think, out of PRN – another STRATACACHE company).

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