Startup Kitcast Launches Apple TV-focused Digital Signage Platform

July 18, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Silicon Valley-based Kitcast! is the latest company to develop a digital signage application that runs off AppleTV set top boxes.

The company, started three years ago, says its platform comes with smart, custom templates to reduce content creation costs, and the system is touted as simple enough for non-technical users to launch and manage.

“The Kitcast app was developed with the integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart algorithms, and innovative technologies, which will make business processes smoother, and devices will be simple enough for everyone to use,” says Egor Belenkov, CEO of Kitcast. “We have created a digital signage solution that works effortlessly.”

I’ve not had a demo, but a look around the company’s website suggests the machine learning-AI stuff has to do with external cameras and/or sensors, which an Apple TV does not have. The devices do have handshakes with cameras and other smart devices.

From the company website:

Kitcast gives you powerful real-time analytics and access to customized reports to transform your business, cut unnecessary costs, and increase sales. It tracks path-maps to understand how customers move around your location.

Data analysis allows for understanding your customers and how they react to the content you show. Our machine learning technology analyzes collected data and gives you suggestions on how to improve your content. It’s a real-time marketing campaign that you get to fully control, optimize, and adjust.

It’s also not a standard feature – tagged as available on request.

The press release calls this the first digital signage application for Apple TV, but it is the third by my count, and I assume there are others I don’t know about. Show and Tell wrote a simple, free application and Tightrope Media Systems launched a commercial application several weeks ago.

A single account is free, but after that accounts are run on a SaaS basis, starting at $50/month and sliding down from there as more accounts added.

  1. Guy Tonti says:

    Back in my Bell Labs days, we would joke if your project proposal said it supported “ATM” you had a >90% chance of approval. Nowadays I think the same thought process is driving the term “machine learning”.

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