Projects: World’s Largest Office Block Puts 60-Inch Screens In Its Elevators

June 22, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Elevators is what got me into digital signage waaaay back in 1999, so I am always intrigued by stories of how screens continue to be integrated in elevator cars.

The giant Merchandise Mart in Chicago, a commercial building with 4.2 million sq. ft. of floor space, how has screens in 27 elevators – but not small ones tucked up in a corner on a hinge of mounted on the operating panel column. The building, the largest office block on the planet, has 60-inch displays mounted in the rear walls, behind a piece of frosted glass. It’s an interesting look, and my first reaction was, “Oh, they’re projecting in an elevator???”

The screens were put in by a a little company called Controlled Entropy, Inc, and the system runs on Raspberry Pis and the Pi-centric signage CMS, Screenly Pro.

The elevator cars in what’s known as TheMart may look a little plain, but that’s a bit misleading. Here’s what the doors look like in the lobby.

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