InfoComm 2017 – Pix From The Floor

June 19, 2017 by Dave Haynes

I’ve posted photos in earlier reports from last week at InfoComm, but here are some more that didn’t find their way into earlier coverage, with comments added:

Transparent LED – those mesh screens you can see through – are getting quite good. The content running on this one was vivid.

Fine pitch LEDs are being marketed as video wall components in interesting shapes and as marketing/advertising totems, like the ones below. The totems don’t look so hot at close quarters, but 15-20 feet away, very good.

One of the big features at InfoComm was its Centerstage (below) – a live interview and presentation area with a lot of tech and aesthetics thrown at it. InfoComm combined the budget used in past years on separate on-the-floor stages to make this one big one, which worked well. I did a session and was impressed with the tech set-up and engaged, full house. If you get asked to be on one in 2018, know it is definitely not a little riser and a microphone at the back of the hall.

Sony’s Crystal LED was introduced a year ago at InfoComm and was still drawing crowds in 2017. It is very impressive, but crazily expensive and maybe not really ready for the market. That said, Sony says they’re shipping it. 

This is what the screen looks like up close. The micro-fine LEDs reminded me of an old Trinitron tube TV.

This is one of the giant LEDs set up by Chinese manufacturers – in this case AOTO. Looked amazing.

On the other hand …

New York-based fine pitch LED company D3 didn’t bother bringing an LED display. They brought a video server – saying it is the software and processing power that makes the real difference. This thing was as large as a mini-fridge.


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