Real-Time Digital OOH Campaign Shocks Paris Jaywalkers

June 5, 2017 by Dave Haynes

This is a digital OOH advertising campaign that REALLY shows the potential and impact of using sensors, real-time connections and templates to custom-target a campaign down to individuals.

In Paris, sensors at a busy crosswalk monitor pedestrian foot traffic and the red, amber or green state of the crossing lights. If a person crosses the street on a red light, the digital media player driving the digital OOH poster at that locations is triggered to play the sound of screeching car brakes, and capture the reaction of that shocked/scared pedestrian. That person’s face is almost immediately up on the actual poster, with a message overlaid on it, reading: “Don’t take the risk of facing death.”

The campaign is aimed at reducing pedestrians deaths in the city, which average 4,500 annually.

Very clever, though I suspect some of the pedestrians were not amused. But they got the message.


  1. Brad says:

    When I got the new post alert via email and read the post I was super hopeful that there was video to show this in action. Wow, what an impact way to change a behavior! (pun intended). The first time I felt bad for them, the 2nd time watching the video I laughed so hard.

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