PATTISON Onestop Opts In On Programmatic Media Platform For Canadian DOOH Ads

May 16, 2017 by Dave Haynes

One of the largest out of home media companies in Canada, PATTISON Onestop, has signed on with a programmatic media-buying to fully  automate placements for at least part of its digital inventory.

The platform, dubbed Campsite, enables PATTISON Onestop to make a portion of its digital inventory available to media buyers via real-time bidding. That’s interesting to media planners because of one network in particular – the Digital Transit Network that runs ads blended with news, weather updates, and real-time arrivals and departures on Toronto’s very busy subway station platforms.

PATTISON also has the Digital Office Network, which is elevator elevator screens in office towers in seven major markets, and the Digital Residential Network, which has screens in high-occupancy residential buildings.

The media company’s inventory bundles in with digital media available from Montreal’s Newad Media, which is primarily focused on restaurants and bars. It is Newad that developed and spun off Campsite as its own thing a year ago.

“Onestop views our partnership with Campsite as an initial step towards offering our agency partners new technologies that allow our media to be purchased in a fashion which makes us competitive with other digital media,” says Cam Milne, Vice-President and General Manager of PATTISON Onestop. “We view this as a critical development which will expose digital media to new revenue streams and customers allowing them to purchase premium viewable impressions in exclusive environments.”

“They reached out to us a year ago and we have worked closely with them to work out all the bugs,” added Milne in an email note. “This is the first truly automated buying solution for DOOH that does not require the involvement of humans. However, we will continue to speak with potential partners in the US, because we envision exposing our inventory with multiple partners. “

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