How About A Cord-Free Digital Sign That Will Run A Year Between Charges?

May 16, 2017 by Dave Haynes


Slovenia’s Visionect has started marketing a 13-inch E Ink display that will run for as long as a year before needing its battery recharged.

Called the Onethree – presumably based on the 13-inch size – the unit is touted as a Place and Play device that can go where it needs to go, and draw for a year about as much energy as it takes to brew one cup of coffee. The unit is monochromatic and encased in aluminum and glass.

“Offering paper-like visibility,” says a press release, “thanks to its 13-inch E Ink electronic paper screen, Onethree supports all major content management systems, its open Application Programming Interface (API) making displaying content a simple matter of using a website address.”

The power will last longer, of course, if the visuals don’t change. If the screen refreshes regularly based on new content associated with the URL, that’s going to cut down on that 12 month max operating  life … but it will still run a looong time between charges.


The company will have some early release models out this summer, but plans to fully start shipping in the fall.

  1. John Zib says:

    As a veteran of the industry in the US and the past years in Europe, I’ve been in contact with Visionect about several large pan-European projects. I’ve been very impressed with their products and professional services. They make great products that work well.

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