Signagelive Debuts Meeting Room Sign Widget Solution

May 15, 2017 by Dave Haynes

UK-based Signagelive has joined the increasingly lengthy list of companies offer pure-play meeting room sign systems or, in this case and many others, applications that do the job, running off a digital signage CMS.

The company’s new Calendar Widgets enables simple connection to Google and Microsoft Office 365 Calendars, and hooks in to a range of customizable HTML5 templates for both full-screen and multi-zone display.

“Displaying calendar information on displays is now a mandatory requirement for corporate, government and education digital signage applications, especially where room calendars need to be visible in reception areas and outside meeting rooms,” saiys Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive. “Our free Calendar Widgets bridge the gap between; displaying a Google or Microsoft web calendar on a display and the premium paid-for room booking solutions. In addition, our HTML5-based Calendar Widgets are easily customizable allowing our Value Added Resellers and customers to modify the visual design and layout of the Widgets to match their branding and content requirements.”

Signagelive network administrators, the press release continues, can easily connect their Office 365 and Google GSuite accounts to the Signagelive Calendar Integration App and allocate a person or room calendar to one of a selection of Calendar Widget templates available, before publishing to a Signagelive supported display or player. A Calendar Widget can be displayed permanently on screen or within a playlist containing other media either full-screen or in a zone within a Signagelive multi-zone layout.

In addition to displaying calendar information, intelligence integrated into the Signagelive Calendar Widgets automatically updates the style of each Widget. An example is the background of a Calendar Widget dynamically changing from green (room available) to red (room in use) based on the event in the calendar and the time of day. Where a device, such as the IAdea XDS-1780, incorporates programmable indicator lights the Signagelive Calendar Widget can be configured to change the lights from green to red when the room status changes from ‘available’ to ‘in use’.

The meeting room sign space got crowded quickly. The directory site I started to track it – – lists almost 60, up from maybe 15 18 months ago. One thing I like about this is the attention to the appearance. I’ve seen some applications that were undoubtedly solid on the application, but looked like they were visually designed by programmers (which CAN work out, but usually doesn’t).  The set of screen grabs I’ve seen for this point to the company spending some money on look and feel.

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