Projects: AR Brings Marine Life To Ljubljana’s Sidewalks Via DOOH Campaign

May 9, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a nice use of augmented reality on digital OOH transit shelter screens in Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana. Not a new idea, but a good take on the concept. Think this is for a communications company.


  1. Hi!

    Brand Simobil, the second largest mobile operator is being replaced by its A1 brand, the brand of its Austrian owner.

    It is a big move, as Simobil (former Simobil-Vodafone) was built for last two decades, so we are “waiting for something big”. thats why all of campaign communication is “above average”, such as this temporary AR in city center or billboards with over-sized A1 logo sticking out of it.

    I like how they have tackled tough re-branding task and i love seeign how a great DOOH campaign can spread around social media for truly potent effect. I mean, I live in Ljubljana, and have seen this on Thursday ( 6 days ago) for the first time:)

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