Projects: New Chicago Office Tower Switches On Amazing Staggered Column LED Wall

April 26, 2017 by Dave Haynes

A new commercial tower in Chicago called 150 North Riverside has lit up what looks to be a pretty amazing video wall/experiential digital art sculpture in its lobby, using a staggered series of direct view LED columns.

Called 150 Media Stream, the 3,000 sq ft wall is there as a digital art both for tenants and visitors, and uses commissioned works by both established and budding artists from across the globe.

The project was put together by the Chicago creative agency Leviathan, which has designed, reports the lighting design website Illumi, an intelligent content library that will continually transform over time and empower 150 Media Stream’s curators with maximum visual flexibility. Using generative algorithms to heighten originality and relevance, the system is programmed to address seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily and even real-time considerations.

It looks amazing, and I particularly like the use of generative, data-driven content, as opposed to a canned, pre-planned scheduled of media pieces. This will win awards.

Hat Tip to Charles Fraresso, who’s looking around for his next gig BTW, for pointing me at this …

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