Four Touchscreen Software Predictions For 2017

April 21, 2017 by guest author, Dan Dawson

Guest Post: Richard Murton, Display Technology

Touchscreens are now a part of everyday life through their use in mobiles, tablets and at retail outlets, but it is a technology that is still evolving in an attempt to meet the needs of users and businesses.

Developments in the industry certainly paint a picture of what is likely to be available in 2017 with the predictions below highlighting the software that will drive this technology.

Next-Gen Haptic Touch Technology

Richard Murton

Physical keyboards disappeared from smartphones quite quickly but researchers have been looking at ways in which you can get the same feeling that you get when pressing a button through using single-pane touch screens. They buzz to mimic the feeling of hitting a button. Haptic technology could be going one step further; many have been trying to develop physical effect keys that pop up from the screen.

However, will this technology have an impact on touchscreens beyond that of the smartphone? More than likely is the answer. Whatever shape or form it takes, marketers will certainly be looking at how it can be used in an attempt to improve the effectiveness of interaction by including feedback that has texture and feels physical.

Clever Content Delivery Software

What helps to drive a marketing campaign that is based around touchscreen? Is it the implementation of a good in-store touch screen or something else? This is where the software plays a crucial role because content delivery tools that are cloud based can interact with touchscreens enabling them to perform in the way we expect.

This makes the software just as important as the hardware when it comes to stimulating the imagination. This will mean that software will become user focused with more high-end features as standard, particularly as touch screen becomes a common feature in our lives.

Touchscreens to Replace Tables

Some retailers are really starting to benefit from implementing touch screen technology in-store where it involves excellent presentation and functionality. Therefore, this year it is highly likely that many businesses will begin to think outside the box and use them in unique ways. Think touchscreen walls or tables as well as in-depth content strategies that include touchscreens that will be seen in business and retail.

How this will be delivered is still unknown but architecture around us has been shaped by touchscreens such as large in-store wall displays. Touchscreens will be found in other forms of furniture such as chairs in restaurants that makes it possible to place orders. Appliances within the home will also incorporate the technology while touchscreen tips on shelves will improve the shopping experience.

Screens Driven by New Technology

Touchscreens and the way they function and are used will be used in different ways this year but there will be changes to the technology that does all the hard work behind the scenes. The use of silver nanowires that will form the basis of touchscreen technology has been researched and this will lead to cheaper screens and better efficiency than the screens currently available. Consumers will make savings as a result of this while it is kinder on the environment. Lower costs will mean that the technology can be used more frequently making it more common in time.

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