16:9 Projects Podcast: 10net On The Lush Dream Lounge

April 21, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Michael Tutton, the host of Sixteen Nine Projects, was at Digital Signage Expo in March and had the opportunity to speak with a number of Apex Award nominees. In this episode, he features Dan Hagen, CEO of 10net, based in Vancouver and Seattle. 10net won a Bronze Medal for their work for with cosmetic company Lush, during the Vancouver Ted Talks in 2016.

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“The Dream Lounge” was a temporary installation to expose Ted Talk attendees to the Lush brand and provide a sanctuary away from the hectic pace of the show.

The highlight of the project was a hanging canopy of living greenery and moss, within which was a suspended six-oot square transparent LED screen playing ambient “Bath Art’ content, which was also mirrored on a vertical LED video wall.


The project required a custom-built structure that allowed rapid deployment by two people, as well as a few other nice little touches.

Dan and Michael sat down to chat during DSE.

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