Projects: Swedish Payments Company Visualizes Business In Real Time

April 6, 2017 by Dave Haynes

I’m not seeing as much data visualization as I might have expected by now on large video walls – given how great dataviz creative can solve the dual problems of keeping content fresh while also controlling content budgets.

But here’s a great example of dataviz in action in the lobby of Stockholm-based online payment company Klarna. When the company opened its new head office in 2014, they put in a video wall that runs dynamic charting that reflects payments activities in 15 countries.

Klarna does more than 100,000 transactions per day, and the visualizations provide a fluid, moving reflection of what’s going on, in near real-time.

As noted in Onformative:

Instead of hiding the characteristics of the 4×4 screen-based media wall, the grid structure became an integral part of the layout used in the design of the various graphs. These represent the volume of transactions sorted by categories and subcategories, the transactions per day, the number of sales by different countries and cities, and the types of purchases made, based on the customer demographics. The data behind these visualizations is continually updated, thereby becoming a real-time representation of Klarna’s business activity.

Nicely done, though white is not the best background for big walls like this. White really accentuates the seams and the lighting properties of the displays.

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