BeeBoard Introduces Publisher And Viewer For “Social” Digital Signage

April 4, 2017 by Dave Haynes

A Boston start-up has quietly launched BeeBoard, what it describes as a social digital signage application that makes iOS tablets into a contemporary version of corkboards in homes and offices.

The BeeBoard Publisher (iPhone) and BeeBoard Viewer (iPad) are free from the Apple app store. 

BeeBoard is aimed at both the residential and commercial markets. There is software only, which can be used back to iOS 8 (so an iPad 2), and there is a physical bulletin board with space for an iPad, which is marketed as the BeeBoard Granville. 

The unit costs $425, pre-tablet, which had my eyes blinking rapidly. But Robert Frigault of BeeBoard told me by email:

“Yes, I agree, the price is high, but the Granville is a luxury item and isn’t a mass market release for us. It was designed by an MIT-trained mechanical engineer and is being manufactured in the American Midwest by a specialty woodworking facility using premium materials. It really is like a fine piece of furniture and we stand by its quality. This year, we will be introducing a less expensive version, while retaining the quality we are looking to establish as a brand. You, of course,  don’t need to purchase the bulletin board to use our software and could even run the viewer on a larger monitor.”

It’s an interesting idea, as leaving notes and putting up bulletins is familiar to all of us, and I like that the Viewer version means what is seen on the iPad can also be taken away on an iPhone. However, iOS is only 18% of the global market, in terms of sales, these days. This begs an Android version.

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