Here Are The DSE 2017 APEX Award Winners

April 3, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Here are the winners of the APEX Awards for digital signage content and projects, announced last week at DSE.

Razorfish and Dreambox Visual Communications took home the top honors of the night, winning the APEX Installation of the Year and APEX Content of the Year awards, respectively. The two overall winners were selected from the nine Gold award winners.

There were 27 winners in nine categories, from a field of 138 entrants (which I think is pathetic, given how many projects go up each year). Anyway …

Arts, Entertainment & Recreation (13 entries)

Business & Government Services (17 entries)

Education & Healthcare (15 entries)

Event Venues & Hospitality (17 entries)

Food & Beverage (7 entries) QSR is probably the busiest vertical in this industry, and there were & entries???

Immersive Environments (12 entries)

Public Spaces (21 entries)

Retail (24 entries)

Transportation (12 entries)

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