Another Great DSE Mixer

April 3, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Two Canadians, of course, showed up for the annual Sixteen:Nine DSE Mixer 30 minutes before the drinks were officially starting to pour. And they were already lit up from cocktails at the NanoLumens open house.

By the height of the mixer  last Tuesday evening, I am guessing we had about 260-270 in there – which is impressive … except that I printed 430 badges.

I know people get waylaid. Booths don’t go up as fast as planned. Clients want to talk at an early dinner. Flights get delayed. And so on.

But it makes me particularly crazy when people who were too late on registration send me side emails asking pretty-please for access, and then don’t show. A lot of people who want to go, can’t, because tickets disappear. But I can’t ticket 500-600, and bank on no-shows, so that all the pre-bought food and drinks get consumed.

Oh well, happens every year.

I also get a kick out of the people who actually complain about their name being incorrect on their badges, when all I do is print out WHAT THEY ENTERED into a form when they registered.


The reviews were all positive for the event once again, and it was great to see so many industry friends. I only got into the actual party area once, for about 30 seconds, but I was told by people coming and going everything was great. I’m now actively noodling 2018, and how that will work. I’ve been pretty much talked out of not doing it.

My photographer took lotsa pix, I am told, but he hasn’t Dropbox’d them to me yet, so I have pilfered a shot from OpenEye for now.

Here, as well, are some tweets from the event:

  1. Brad says:

    Always a great time at this event! Love that the music is never too loud to have a decent conversation and love running into all of the usual suspects before we all hit the show floor.

  2. Mark Mantha says:

    These Canadian guys arriving early Dave — that is just shameful. Suggest the security for next year get increased accordingly 🙂
    On a serious note you have taken this mixer over 9 yrs to one of the most anticipated events on the DSE calendar. Kudos

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